We meet every week and regularly host special events. Our weekly meet-up takes place every Wednesday from 6pm in Room 205, Meston Building, University of Aberdeen. Map → Anyone is welcome to join us, even if you aren't a cyborg or studying in a computer-related subject, and it doesn't cost anything!


We host a variety of special events throughout the academic year and use our weekly meet-ups as a way to bring all of these events together. Through our engagement with other local groups such as Aberdeen TechMeetup and 57North Hacklab, our special events are a great forum through which to learn new things, sharpen your existing skills and network with other like-minded individuals.

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Weekly Meeting

Room 205, Meston Building, University of Aberdeen

Every Wednesday at 6pm during term

Our weekly meetings are a great way to meet likeminded people and learn more about computers at the same time. Previous events include programming challenges, Ludum Dare, and visits to external science events and presentations.

If you have an idea for an interesting meeting, event or collaboration then please share it with the committee — we want to make sure that all of our members get to do something that they enjoy at AUCS.

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North Entrance Foyer, Meston Building, University of Aberdeen

2pm — Saturday 22 February 2014

"As seen both through the Edward Snowden revelations, and Open Rights Group's recent campaign against PRISM and Tempora, something needs to be done to protect our email, IM chat and web browsing from the prying eyes of GCHQ and the NSA. There's currently a great deal of interest surrounding these issues and as a result people are looking for tools to help them protect their privacy and security online. Cryptoparties are a great way for anyone to learn how to install and use tools to help secure their online communications."

Cryptoparties are open to anyone (including students, professionals and members of the public) interested in learning about or protecting the privacy of their online communications, from complete beginners to technical experts.

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